Elements of men’s watch purchase

The 6 elements of men’s watch purchase, in the men’s social circle, watches are as important as women’s diamond rings. For men who generally only wear a ring and a jewelry, watches are highly valued. Some people even emphasized: “Watches are not only men’s jewelry, but also a symbol of men’s identity.” So what should be paid attention to when buying men’s watches? First of all, the most important performance indicators of watches:
1 Water resistance: The waterproof coefficient of the watch is the most important, and the waterproof performance of different watches is different. Whether you need to wear it when washing your hands, and whether you can wear it when swimming. Can you resist pressure when diving. 2 Mobility: The stability of watch components is very important, whether the hands are smooth during strenuous exercise.
3 Automatic winding: Novices who initially wear mens mechanical watches often forget to wind the watch, resulting in embarrassment on some important occasions 4 Functionality: In addition to basic timekeeping functions, exquisite watches can also have more practicality, such as dual calendar functions, stopwatch timers, etc., so that your time concept is more accurate. 5 The type of watch that suits you is very important!