Men’s mechanical watches usually have diamonds or gemstones set on the bezel

Men’s mechanical watches usually have diamonds or gemstones set on the bezel, some will be set on the dial, lugs, and straps, or even the stars (the place where the head can see is all jewelry). As the name implies, the surface of the material is plated with gold. From the appearance, it is impossible to see what material is inside. It may be steel or copper.


In general, it is made of gold-plated steel, which is generally used in low-end watches. The thickness of the gold plating is basically 10 microns, and the material is 18K gold. Gold-coated watches are the craftsmanship of earlier watches. They are also found in pocket watches. Contemporary models are not common, and can be understood as a thicker layer of gold than gold-plated watches. Most people should know about K gold. Pure gold is very soft and cannot be used directly in the production of luxury goods.


It must be improved by adding certain other elements. In the history of watches and clocks, 9K gold and 14K gold have been used, while contemporary gold watches use 18K gold. The mainstream 18K gold is divided into 18K white gold, 18K gold, and 18K rose gold. In 18K white gold, the pure gold content is 75%, plus 25% of silver, nickel, copper and other metals. Because this alloy appears white, it is called platinum. In 18K gold, the content of pure gold is 75%, plus 25% of nickel, silver and zinc. In 18K rose gold, the pure gold content is also 75%, plus 25% of copper, silver or zinc. Watches made of 18K gold material will have material stamps, 18K, 750, St. Bernard dog head and so on. Most brands have K gold watches.