RM 022 Manual Winding Tourbillon Aerodyne Dual Time Zone

The RM 021 of the brand is one of the most prosperous creations of the brand. This watch would be perfect for the traveller. But to improve this, Richard Mille chose to add a second timezone . These concepts are a part of the brand’s identity since its establishment in 2001. But this tourbillon is a lot more than the typical tourbillon we already understand. This would be the first watch to combine timezone complication with an outside structure in ceramic. It also has carbon nanofibre mix and orthorhombic titanium aluminide. The watch is actually very user-friendly, as complex as that seems. It’s also quickly and easily adjusted through the pusher at 9. Do not forget that every beat adds an excess hour.

The Calibre RM022 made specifically for this particular watch is a manual winding tourbillon movement. Aside from minutes, and the hours, in addition, it has a role torque, power-reserve and selector signs. Its power book can go around 70 hours.


21st Century Horology at Its Best

Richard Mille can be new to the industry but it certainly knows how. The thing about these luxury watches is that the bold and fearless steps taken to realize their attributes. There’s no brand that really does it enjoy Richard Mille. It is not, but the price tag that indicates its worth. It is. And with such finesse and precision, it is not hard to add a few digits for their timepieces’ costs.

Mille, naturally, did not need his watches to be worn out for the sake of wearing it or because they have to. Each watch has a goal and he wants each to serve the bearer with those purpose. He also pushes against his team of researches engineers and the manufacture itself to process methods and ideas for moves. “In this manner,” he stated,”the company is improved and our experience raised higher and higher”