The Iconic Rolex Deepsea & Other Rolex Dive Watches

If it comes to dive watches, Rolex has lived up to the greatest of expectations, mapping unthinkable depths in the deepest of seas. Since introducing the original Oyster watch in 1926 rolex’s love affair with all the deep seas has gone a very long way. No doubt a pioneer in waterproof watches, Rolex offers a number of the best, if not the best, dive watches in the world. In reality, the brand’s innovative technology is imbibed in 3 the Rolex Submariner and that the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller.
While these three Rolex watches may seem very similar each one features aesthetics and innovations which distinguish one another and its functionality and technology. Even though the Rolex Submariner takes the cake for being the most well-known and pioneering amongst Rolex dive watches, the newest upped its game with all the Rolex Sea-Dweller introduced in the 1960s and its successor, the Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller, released in 2008, which we will refer to in this article since the”Rolex Deepsea”.
Both of these watches are all a diver literally outsmarts the Rolex Submariner with sophisticated technology, and anticipates. This means a diver sporting a Rolex Deepsea timepiece more just slips deep but also remains deep for a longer period. Considering that the Sea-Dweller owns of boasting a depth level of 1,200 yards, the record, the Rolex Deepsea remains the most water-resistant dive watch from Rolex . Irrespective of the Rolex Deepsea celebrating the genes of the collection that is Sea-Dweller, it owns a unique architectural standpoint. Its highly meticulous layout is more glamorous than many Sea-Dwellers, with its bigger dimensions body (by 1mm) and domed sapphire crystal, making a head-turning entrance on the wrist.