The “squeamishness” of mechanical watches is mainly reflected in the “three fears” problem?

For watch fans who already own a piece, or a few relatively luxurious men’s watches, the watch is most afraid that the owner is actually not good enough to care for it, because the watch as a precision instrument is still very “squeamish” “of. The “squeamishness” of mechanical mens watches is mainly reflected in the “three fears” problem. Do you feel that the watches are timid? Of course, some watch fans may also say that I still have “three fears”.
To be honest, the “three fears” of a watch actually mean “fear of water, shock, and magnetism”, which is the three aspects of the watch that many of us often say, waterproof, shockproof, antimagnetic, these three aspects are also mechanical best watches.
Since then, it has been something that bothers everyone, and if some brands are very good at one of these three aspects, they can become famous and dominate the world. This statement is true, for example, it can do exceptionally well in waterproofing, etc., and lays a solid foundation for the reputation of resistance and stability, so once bluntly, if there is only one watch in life, it must be Rolex. Although this sentence sounds exaggerated, it is not totally unreasonable.