This is one of the simplest and cheapest watches of all Rolex watches

Looking all glossy and exquisite about the dial, the iconic Rolex emblem with its five-pointed crown insignia fits right in addition to the name”Rolex” just like a glove. This allows for more room for elegance and opulence for the crown. Even though the colour of the Rolex emblem fluctuates depending on the watch, it always appears in gold above its green-coloured brand name”ROLEX” in ads and other promotional branding.
In reality, the only watch that adopts the original colour scheme of gold and green of the Rolex logo is that the Rolex Air-King, one of the simplest and least expensive of all Rolex watches. The watch sports that the gold crown and green”Rolex” on its simple and chic dial. Gold seems to come naturally to embody opulence and sophistication at a crown, which symbolises the Rolex emblem in this case, but epitomises what Rolex watches are all about. Gold represents the metal that Rolex uses to make their watches. In short, gold portrays an image of tranquility and luxury befitting a Rolex watch.