Which Observe One To Maintain?

The notion was that I’d possess the Hamilton as my area watch – all of the backpacking/hiking I do, in addition to only an overall”beater”. With its slim case and comfy strap, it is easily something that I will take on more busy times and forget about. I do not even detect it and have forgotten to take it off prior to sleeping. Anything from entering dates, work, or suit/tie. Really like the watch, it is dressy but attracts a great deal of its character. Some may argue the colours and electricity book make it not a dressy view, but I am also from California and scarcely dress up , so I did not wish to catch a wristwatch purely for formal.
And lastly, this new addition is supposed to bridge this gap.


Days where I need something a bit less casual compared to Hamilton, but do not wish to be concerned about being cautious with the Nomos. Going out for drinks, a birthday celebration, and only for variety. Additionally, it is intended to be my GADA/vacation watch, therefore I was trying to find something using a GMT bezel, decently watertight, and in-between. I adore the ending along with the casework, and the bracelet is unquestionably punching above its weight too.

nice watch

The dial feels as though its got thickness – that the chapter ring assists”sink” the entire dial down to the watch. Disadvantages here would be the bezel activity isn’t quite as good (minor con), along with the dial could be kind of dull, although I move from feeling meh concerning the dial to appreciating the minimalism. It only feels much more durable for me personally, and possibly closer to the Hamilton side of this scale.

Halios: On the reverse side, the Halios seems like quite a dressy diver. It has got an wonderful dial – particularly in contrast to the Nodus, as well as the implemented mark glow and normally make this view feel much more tasteful. Disadvantages though – I feel as though it can be a hair too dressy, and I am worried it might push the Nomos outside – leaving too large a gap between the Halios along with the Hamilton, and too little a gap between the Nomos and also the Halios. Additionally, it is double the purchase price of this Nodus when you factor in purchasing an aftermarket bracelet.

I feel that the difficult part is that in a vacuum, I believe that the Halios is your better view. Its markers and dial simply feel much more better and expensive. I am literally going back and forth, and with WFH, I continue taking off one and placing another one to compare and believe. That explains the reason why I even bothered posting – some comments will be greatly appreciated!