Cleaning Leather Watch Straps

1. Wipe Watchband having a Dry Cloth

Moisture is definitely trapped from a leather watchband as well as your skin. You should wipe moisture and grime out of your strap regularly. Wiping the leather before cleaning it more completely will make sure that grime won’t scratch it when you’re scrubbing. A gentle cotton cloth or micro-fiber jewellery cloth is ideal for wiping a leather watchband.

2. Scrub Watchband with Cleaning soap and Water


Pat lower the timepiece strap having a moist cloth. Stay away from a wet cloth or submerging the leather in water. Place a small dab of mild, moisturizing hands cleaning soap around the cloth and scrub the watchband on sides. Rinse and dampen the material with water that is clean and wipe the watchband clean. Dry the watchband completely. Make certain to permit the strap to air dry before putting on the timepiece.

3. Condition Watchband with Leather Conditioner


Leather conditioner keeps leather moist, which could prolong the existence of the watchband and it shiny and soft. You can purchase professional leather conditioner quite inexpensively in a number of dimensions. Do as instructed around the package when utilizing leather conditioner.

Cleaning Incomplete Leather Watchbands:

Some leather watchbands are created with incomplete leather. Incomplete leather ought to be washed with saddle cleaning soap rather than hands cleaning soap. Condition incomplete leather watchbands with oil, for example mink oil or perhaps a leather preservative.