Long-term Wear the Watch Maintenance Tips

Long-term Wear the Watch Maintenance Tips

Generally steel watch and will not rust, but everything is relative. Many different types of stainless steel. Discharged from the body sweat contains hydrochloric acid component, wearing the watch in your hand, if long-term erosion of sweat or dirt accumulation without any chemical salt wipe the case will gradually appear rust, especially low back cover pocket prone.

Long-term Wear the Watch Maintenance TipsSo, usually should pay attention to the maintenance of the watch, often wipe the dust sediments on the case, sweat, etc. In addition, should avoid wearing a watch operate in strong acid, alkali and other occasions, so there would not be rust steel case .

How to maintain the metal strap? If the metal strap stained with sweat and place whatever, is likely to cause the strap to rust, when sweat, strap may look clean, but still easy to bleed strap metal rust, get even dirty sleeves, etc. dirty metal strap, please wash with soap. When the dirt is quite severe, with a soft toothbrush to gently scrub. (Non-waterproof watch carefully to avoid wet form of the table) after cleaning to avoid water remaining in the strap slit, carefully with a dry cloth to dry.

When maintenance, do not use water to light, thinner or agents. And, strengthen waterproof watch with everyday life in the sea after use, do not use chemicals to clean water can be. With the winding watch, redeployment of part of easy accumulation of dirt, so that more and more tight shaft, then clean the shaft portion.

Long-term Wear the Watch Maintenance TipsHow to Clean Rust Watches

1. Watch a professional oil, cleaning mechanical parts, usually with aviation gasoline. Cleaning procedure for the soaking 10-15min after brushing with a hairbrush in gasoline component surface, placed in wire basket into the oven bake 5-10min, and then cooled 20-30mmin mechanical watch cleaning watch program is basically the same.

2. willow sticks and silk, willow sticks available if dirty or clean silk. Circuit board assembly can only be washed with ethanol can not use other cleaning fluid. Coil member does not have to wash dirty available as willow sticks dipped in alcohol brush clean. Part of the small rotor will clean, willow stick brush debris. Rarely use ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will affect the permeability of the stator.

3. Watch cleaning machine cleaning tool. Washing machine parts with high cleaning efficiency. Cleaning liquid gasoline, alcohol and trichlorethylene (F 10:13) and other solution. Cleaning plywood with three arrested trifluoroacetic solution. Having a speed control, time control, and elevating the work head reversing function.

What is the reason Rusty Case

Rusty case may be sealed well, causing water fog rust inside the case.

Case Rusty is not recommended themselves apart Ca, easy to damage the inner originals, resulting in greater losses, after-sales can take place for cleaning.

Long-term Wear the Watch Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of common sense:

(1) wear watches, the hands sweat on the case of corrosive, steel case because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case of copper, long-term contacts with sweat, easy corrosion, should often with a soft cloth wipe sweat or plastic table mat care to prevent its erosion sweat.

(2) Do not open the back cover, so as not to affect the movement of dust into the normal operation of the watch.

(3) Do the watch by placing mothballs in the closet to avoid the table oil deterioration.

(4) Do not watch on the radio, television, in order to avoid magnetization.

(5) Long-term storage does not wear a watch should be winding once a month on a regular basis, so that the parts will not be long at rest, in order to ensure the operation of the performance table machine.