Mechanical Maintenance Expensive? Regular Maintenance is More Cheaper

Mechanical maintenance expensive? Regular maintenance is cheaper

This is a lot of concern question for watch lovers. Actually, this is no fixed answer, you want to know the cost of maintenance of mechanical watches first look at the watch brand, followed by the watch movement depends on the model.
Mechanical maintenance expensive? Regular maintenance is cheaper
Different brands of watches, different organizational structures in the movement. Different models of different brands of watches, they are different in the mechanical assembly. To watch to do maintenance, the movement is doing maintenance. Therefore, different watch movement, did watch maintenance charges will be different.

An expensive mechanical watch needs maintenance, you can let your love shine like new table. However, maintenance costs more expensive, in order to love the table had to spend. In fact, disagree, as long as the regular maintenance of mechanical watches, can save you a lot of money. Then how do regular maintenance? Machine maintenance repair of the table is a science, not casually be able to clean the trouble. This, together with the following small series to learn how to care for mechanical watch!

Water is the soul of the universe, but the watch has to stay away from, but the hands are more human activities do not, watch worn on the hand will inevitably be in contact with the water, so the first thing to note maintenance mechanical watch waterproof watch, usually not because of curiosity watch the back cover is opened, this will reduce the tightness of the factory, thereby reducing waterproof mechanical watch. It is well known mechanical parts list with different metal parts made of metal vapor encountered more or less chemical change occurs, reducing the sensitivity of the watch parts to run, so that inaccurate or shut down when walking. Seriously affect the life of the watch.

Inside the metal mechanical parts are installed by accurate, while the watch shockproof capacity is very limited. Thus usually pay attention to maintenance mechanical shock, severe vibration inside the watch will be displaced metal parts, reducing the precision metal parts between the friction increases the mechanical parts metal parts, thereby reducing the original precision, even so that the pendulum shaft tenon break, bend, or make the gossamer disorder, also cause serious damage to other zero Mourning. Also note that anti-magnetic watch should try to avoid contact with substances such as magnetic tape, avoid magnetized, magnetized you have to use the watch back porcelain demagnetization. At the same time use but also to maintain the cleanliness of the watch.

Mechanical watches should pay attention to regularly clean, soft cloth with soapy water, soft cloth with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth to dry, taboo not just send ultrasonic cleaning. Such maintenance methods will make you save a lot of money for maintenance.