mechanical watches with the Rolex GMT and annual

I moved into a local watch store (AD to get a ton of major name brands) to inquire about the elusive mixture of GMT and perpetual/annual calendar. I was told by the very horrific girl with a face filled with botox, badly applied makeup and fake lashes (actually, the individual equivalence of a Invicta 51mm clowngasm-ograph) along with her intern (very considerate but completely utterly lost) that they did not carry you, but UN makes one which another of the stores might take. She clearly did not offer to telephone them to check, which was nice cause I understood they now stock 3 UN models, none which have a perpetual calendar (and that UN version was a little out of my budget anyway).

mechanical watches
I inquired that I believe Rolex (of which they are an AD) could carry a version with a ANNUAL calendar and GMT function.
She reluctantly consented that that MIGHT be the case, but they didn’t have that version in stock. And there was a waiting list. And the waiting list to get the steel one was closed. And the only other one was steel and gold. Clearly she did not think to mention the metal ones (still less expensive than a UN perpetual) – possibly the fact that the Mont Blanc I had been taking notes with at the time was made of”precious resin” and not strong diamonds was indicating my net value was lesser than it is?
However, it is rare I meet someone who handles to weaponize gross incompetence this nicely, so I pointed out that while gold and steel would seem better using a blue dial, it still seemed like a more reasonable alternative than the UN.

mechanical watches
She confessed this could be the case, but it was also very big! (Yours truly is 6’4 and around 200lbs, for mention, and the sales rep was an anorectic pixie, but I imagine the fake lashes included 10lbs.)
I proposed that one of the chief reasons men buy large mechanical watches is since they are in fact large (and mechanical).
Yes, however, it was very large.

mechanical watches
Understanding a UN Perpetual is 43mm, I had been beginning to get the concept that she simply didn’t enjoy the notion of promoting a $20 000 watch to mepersonally. So I left, I imagine, to the cheers of the botox monster who’d scared away another prospective customer. Truly, if I’m likely to be treated as something the cat dragged in (I am), I might too visit London and store at Harrods. I am rejected by a higher group of snobs.

mechanical watches
I have to confess it was a excellent sales trick on the Rolex side though, because I did not particularly fancy the Sky Dweller (I researched it a bit as a reference point), but I kind of want 2, so I could throw one in the surface of the botox woman! And considering how much of a…. I can be, I probably had some awful service coming!