Patek Philippe Aquanaut: A Look at Its Evolution Through The Years

Necessity is the mother of innovation. So does a young and discerning consumer market to save. This was true for its Patek Philippe Aquanaut collection.
People were somewhat sceptical After the Aquanaut lineup was launched by Patek Philippe in 1997. After all, why could Patek introduce another lineup of luxury sports watches which look exactly like its already iconic and existing collection that is design? The answer was that the flourishing dot-com era at the’its own trendy and youthful market of consumers hungry for fast cars, high-tech gadgets and 90s, and luxury products. The same as the rest of the companies in that age, Patek Philippe wished to provide. And it should be something lavish and modern , yet sporty in your mind.
Soon after its 20th anniversary was celebrated by Patek Philippe Nautilus, the initial models of the Aquanaut series were released. Inspired by the form of the Nautilus, the versions had a case. Patek positioned the cost of this Aquanaut slightly lower than the standard, offering a less expensive alternative for the fans of the latter, to make it more attractive to the market.