Self-help Approach to Avoid Watches Drop into Water

Self-help Approach to Avoid Watches Drop into Water

Today’s watches are generally waterproof, 300,500,1000 meters water depth in the watch are the property of common products. But even with better waterproof function, and then diving watch, no one can be sure sparse hundred secret, especially vapor in the air! That if not careful watch the water, and to take what measures?
Self-help Approach to Avoid Watches Drop into Water
How waterproof?

Watch waterproof rely on table mirror, back cover, head, etc. waterproof apron to achieve the appropriate standard. All are in the water table have hit bottom cover “WATER RESISTANT” English words or “WATER PROOF” of. No water mark can only watch the dust should be avoided wet.

Phenomena or watch the water level there are several:

(1) within the watch glass from the mist, but also may sometimes there and sometimes not, especially in the large temperature difference of the time.
(2) there is condensing inside the watch glass.
(3) visible on the dial and watch a lot of glass beads.

The properties of  watch water there are several:

(1) pure water or distilled water
(2) tap water or rainwater
(3) drinks or beer
(4) water
(5) cosmetics or chemicals or medicine

Distilled water is considered the best of circumstances, corrosive seawater is relatively large, not to mention chemical reagents. Watch the water as soon as possible is imperative to the table to watch repair shop to do the drying, water seriously need to do wash oil treatment. Not be placed regardless, if not promptly make repairs, then the water will make steel parts inside the watch movement appeared rusty, rusty once tiny watch parts typically need to be replaced, the future cost of repairs will be great to know for water watch injury is a “disaster” in nature. In addition to movement parts, the long-term contact with water vapor can cause the watch dial, hands discoloration, blistering and corrosion. Here in particular would like to remind everyone that if the water is a recurring phenomenon watch, when you need to wear a careful attention.

Simple watch water after treatment:

Method One: General mechanical watches by the tide, several layers of toilet paper can be used or hygroscopic table cloth tight package tight, near the 40-watt light bulb for about 15 cm and bake for about 30 minutes, the water vapor in the table can be scattered go with. Never watch the windshield near the fire directly baking sheet so as not to suffer thermal deformation.

Method 2: Table, Mongolia and DPRK, the bottom shell outwards, anti-worn on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be removed. If the water is serious, the best watch shop immediately sent Oil it clear the movement of moisture to avoid rusting parts.

Method three: Use silicone watch with hydrocephalus have put together granulated within a sealed container, a few hours later, remove the watch, water is all gone. This method is simple and economical, accuracy and life on the table were not any damage. Has repeatedly silica gel after absorbing water, can be dried for several hours, water absorption capacity can be regenerated at 120 deg.] C, it can be used repeatedly.

Note: When you do not usually wear, try not to let damp table, in order to avoid leather deformation; magnetic materials in the vicinity will also affect the accuracy of the watch. In addition, even if the water table should avoid soaking the watch, and as long as the watch has blisters (except diving table), the best approach is to check something, so as to avoid delays caused by internal movement parts severely damaged. In fact, the water level of the water table, it will harden as the water laps and change, so the timely replacement water cycle is necessary. Hot and humid weather, it is easy to watch internal oil condensation, when produced chronograph, sub slow or stop the phenomenon, and can cause hardening of the waterproof ring, reduce waterproof function. Of particular note is that the water contains salt, the metal components are corrosive, so after engaging in outdoor activities, should also be rinsed with fresh water watch case, in order to avoid corrosion.