this is Hamilton PSR: Waking up the sleeping giant

The groundbreaking technology of the Hamilton Pulsar interrupted the watch market. The unique style grabbed the interest of forward thinkers of that time, including Elton John, Joe Frazier and Keith Richards. The design was a pinnacle of this popular space-age era. Fifty decades after, in celebration of the release of this match altering Hamilton Pulsar, the brand have introduced a new version, the Hamilton PSR.
The Hamilton PSR was created as a timely reminder of the beginning of the digital world as well as digital timekeeping. In precisely the same manner the Pulsar was famous because of its futuristic and statement design, the PSR achieves the epitome of cool. There are two versions available which come in gold or silver stainless steel and they’ll be placed in Hamilton’s American Classic collection. First impressions of the layout are in-keeping with a futuristic form, equip using a hybrid and bold makeup.
The silver model is the norm in this release and the gold is limited variant with only 1970 accessible! This digital masterpiece is powered by digital quartz watch protected in a stainless steel case, the gold model comes with yellow gold PVD plating. The hybrid is protected by scratch resistant sapphire glass and an anti-reflective screen. Both these models are water resistant up to 10 bar (100 metres). The stainless steel strap is completed with a folding grip for optimum comfort among style.
The design although futuristic, touches on a retro style which is owed to the first Hamilton Pulsar. What are your thoughts on the newest Hamilton PSR? Tell us in the comments below!