Vintage Omega Speedmaster watch

Omega’s background with space exploration started in 1962 when a group of astronauts abandoned a watch shop in Houston with Omega Speedmasters to work with on their upcoming Mercury app flights.

In the end of the program, NASA was approached by astronauts and requested for watches that were issued to use during flight and training.

It wasn’t Neil Armstrong who debuted the opinion but rather fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin who resigned the Eagle a few minutes afterwards. Therefore, the Speedmaster was the first watch. This view became known as the manual-winding”Moon watch,” also called the Speedmaster Professional.


The Speedmaster launched as a game and racing chronograph in 1957. The tachymeter ring which encircles the dial inspired the use of the phrase”Rate” in its title. The very first Speedmaster bore the title”broad arrow” after its hour hand.

Two other main features include a very simple second hand and a metallic tachymeter bezel with engraved numbers.