Forstner Flat-watch

I will share my thoughts here.
The packaging is really good, the bracelet has been tightly tied until the packaging is complete. After wrapping the bracelet, the bracelet was assembled very well, there were no frays or traces, and the end of the lace could not be found. For my own 7-inch wrist, I have completely eliminated five links, which I think are anywhere. This is tedious because there are only very small screws, and two screw drivers should be used on either side of the connection. Two on the 6:00 side and three on the 12:00 side, but I’m not sure about this. Without the best bracelet size game, it took me three times longer than expected.

Forstner Flat
The grip is correct, but when I have been to Forstner and plan to make other updates to the project, that will be my focus area. The sturdy end links are well made. They snap into place fairly easily and are perfect for situations without drama (Forstner provides spring bars and recommends using the ones they provide).

Forstner Flat watch
It really feels and looks great when installed and resized. I found that I can wear it easily and comfortably without actually moving on the wrist, and now, I can hold a top incision and cover it comfortably with a small amount of exercise on the wrist. I believe I like the other, but I do find that trying to loosen it to produce the resulting movement or execution is not very good.

I believe in the polished version of the external links, but I can be sure that the full satin version is better for me personally, and I am very happy that I have gone this way. When looking at the photos, I believe that FOIS can work perfectly with all polished yellow hyperlinks, and Speedmaster Pro uses full satin paint for better results. Just out of my opinion, I encourage you to choose according to your own aesthetics.

Forstner Flat watch
The luster of the lace surface is just right: the degree of drawing is not high, but it is still shiny, breaking the light. Very good, and very suitable for the lace surface around the Speedmaster case. Obviously, the taper from 20mm of the case to 16mm of the grip is eternal, and I think it looks like explosives.

So, should you buy one on Speedmaster? I will give up this installed bracelet and will like it in a short time.
thanks for watching!