10 Tips for Mechanical Routine Maintenance Guide

10 Tips for Mechanical Routine Maintenance Guide

Watch as a high-precision timing instruments and art jewelry, proper use and maintenance is essential to extend the life of watches and precision and aesthetic appearance of the pieces to make it easier for your work and life. Here to introduce routine maintenance skills mechanical watch, hoping for everyone to help.
10 Tips for Mechanical Routine Maintenance Guide
1, wear watches, the hands sweat on the case is corrosive.

Since the steel case is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case of copper, long-term contacts with sweat, easy corrosion, should often with a soft cloth wipe sweat or plastic table mat care to prevent it from being sweat erosion. (Wrist want new people love the table often try)

2. Do not open the back cover, so as not to affect the movement of dust into the normal operation of the watch. (Lid opened tables prone to problems such as water resistance decline, so can not try not to open the lid)

3, do not have a watch on the inside of mothballs wardrobe, table oil in order to avoid deterioration. (Verification difficult)
10 Tips for Mechanical Routine Maintenance Guide
4, do not watch on the amp, stereo, television, in order to avoid magnetization. (In an old + 31S / D on the 5th shield Seiko placed near the sound, ten days after even slower, and then restoring the degaussing)

5, long-term storage does not wear a watch should be winding once a month on a regular basis.
Automatic movement watch gently back and forth a few minutes should be worn on the wrist or a period of time so that it automatically rewound. The parts will not be long at rest, in order to ensure the operation of the performance table machine. (This method can maintain the fluidity of movement within the lubricant)
10 Tips for Mechanical Routine Maintenance Guide
6, ordinary mechanical watches by the tide, use a dry cotton wool on your watch, then 40-watt light bulb bake 5 minutes, exterior and interior moisture can all be evaporated.

If the quartz electronic watches by the tide, the desirability of a number of small calcium chloride, with gauze wrap; and then open the cover electronic form, will be wrapped together into calcium chloride and electronic form an airtight plastic bag or glass bottle, sealed. Usually three hours or so can be in addition to wave, the electronic table back to normal. For serious damp moisture absorption time table may be extended. (Not verified nor had damp conditions, have to be run after the update)

7, receive a beloved watch, removed the outside packaging, be sure to keep protective watch used packaging.

These protective watch box, can give when you do not wear watches usually the safest protection against collision or watch is broken, it will retain the packaging is absolutely necessary, but is recommended when not wear watches on weekdays, habit into the box, can greatly reduce the chances of damage to the watch. (Correctly, it just does not come above steps to adapt, adapt to two days, then the basic on the table)

8, usually best not to wear the same watches every day.

We should be more prepared to watch several different alternate use, in addition to a wealth of personal style, but also to avoid dust, dirt confined in the same body only watch. For the leather strap, but also to be treated with care, to avoid daily use of wear and tear caused by recurrent pulling strap, even if the surface of the new new watches look very old. (Limited financial resources, often started with only a table, the other is the old table)
10 Tips for Mechanical Routine Maintenance Guide
9, the watch worn on the wrist to sleep, if the watch is a luminous watch, it will adversely affect to the body.

This is because the light-emitting material on the luminous watch dial pointer and painted, mainly a mixture of radium and zinc sulfide, radium rays can stimulate the release of zinc sulfide crystals glow, while sleeping, if wearing a watch, the body would be eight to nine hours of radium radiation on the human body has certain hazards. Therefore, before going to sleep, it is best to take down the luminous watch and put on the table. (Limited means, which is the subject of scientists)

10, Table Mongolian renovation.

Watch Mongolia being excluded from a lot of road lines later, you can cast the first drops in Table 12 drops of water, then squeeze a little toothpaste obliterated, you can remove the designated pattern leaving the surface as new. (I personally try: This entry does not work, there are particles of toothpaste, easy to wear mask table)