IWC Watch Care and Maintenance

IWC WatchCare and Maintenance

Leather is a natural, porous material. You should therefore avoid allowing a top-quality leather strap to come into contact with oils, solvents and cleaning products or cosmetics. By doing so, you can prevent discolorations or premature ageing of the material.

Always rinse your watch under running lukewarm water after swimming in the sea (saltwater).

Avoid vibrations and impacts (e.g. when playing golf or tennis, mountain biking, etc.) as well as extremes of temperature (over 60°C/ 140 °F and below 0 °C/ 32 °F).

If you own several watches, always keep them well apart to prevent them from scratching each other.

If you have a mechanical watch that you are not wearing, be sure to wind it at least once per month. This slows down the ageing process of the oils and lubrication.

Avoid the magnetic fields to which we are all exposed every day (e.g. microwaves, television, loudspeakers, locking systems on handbags, etc.).

IWC WatchCare and Maintenance

Do not adjust the date between 9 in the evening and 3 in the morning as this could damage the date-setting mechanism in the movement.

Only ever permit an authorized service centre to open the case.

Water-resistance cannot be guaranteed indefinitely. Ageing of the seals as a result of temperature fluctuations, sharp impacts or cosmetics (body lotion, perfume, etc.) can impair the watch’s water-resistance. We recommend regular checking of the water-resistance and frequent replacement of all seals.