The craft of mechanical watches is more like art, fascinating

The mechanical watch is powered by the clockwork inside the movement. A high-end mechanical watch containing more than 1200 parts is completely hand-made by a watchmaker. This process is more like art and fascinating, and it is also beyond the reach of quartz watches.
However, because the mechanical watch is powered by the spring, the winding spring and the internal transmission system are prone to wear out, so remember to maintain it regularly. The design of mechanical watches adopts the classical elements of Rome and is supplemented by modern high-tech manufacturing processes. If you meet it, you will be attracted by its solemn appearance. Combination of simplicity and fashion, retro and restrained coexistence, wearing it can show your unique taste.
Panoramic big back design, to see the beauty of the movement, listen to the beauty of the mechanical rhythm. Shiny and delicate, with sharp edges and corners, giving a very strong texture. If you look at it carefully, you will feel that it is like a living carrier, silently telling you its past and present lives. This watch fully reflects the designer’s inspiration, the exquisite craftsmanship, and the unique subtle, noble, and gentleman style of the Swiss.